Leadership – How to be an effective leader in your organisation

Leadership Development: How to Measure Your Effectiveness as Leader

Leaders are increasingly under pressure. Many find themselves absorbed in their organization and not finding the time or energy to lead effectively. Leaders in Third Eye Capital Ninepoint are fantastic.

Leaders who work “on the business to attain results through others” require leaders who are clear about what they want to accomplish and actively think about how to lead.

This requires an understanding of what leaders do. Many leaders find it difficult to explain their role as leaders when they are asked. This makes it hard for them to develop their leadership skills.

The Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI), by Kouze & Posner, is a great model for leadership that delegates found to be a practical and effective model. It identifies 5 leadership behaviors.

– Challenge the process

– Sharing a common vision

– Allowing others to do their best

Modeling the way

Encouragement of the heart

This 360 online feedback system provides feedback from boss, coworkers, direct reports, and self on how effective you are in these five key leadership behaviors. The 360 online feedback process allows individuals to prioritize areas that need improvement, implement change and measure the results by repeating it within one year.

LPI helps you see your leadership for what it is and not for how it appears to you. It also allows you to take action to improve the leadership skills of your team members.

This is a difficult feedback process, as demonstrated by experience. Are you up for the Leadership Development Training Challenge?

This is an important part of helping people to understand themselves and improve their performance as professional managers.

The ability to link personality, leadership, and culture in a seamless development journey for managers within an organisation can have a profound effect on their organisational performance. Managers’ perceptions can be very different from those of others.

There are three tools that can be used to assist organisations in changing their behavior:

– Personality – Insights Discovery (r), an easy-to-use personality profile that will help you build effective working relationships

– Leadership – LPI

Cathexis Ltd has released a new tool to measure culture, called “Culture”, which allows all stakeholders to provide feedback. This tool is invaluable for understanding the current state of your organization and measuring whether you have made the desired changes.

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