Landing pages that convert

Landing pages that work

Although landing pages have had a bad reputation for some time, they still serve a valid purpose for legitimate businesses. They can be used to complement a pay per Click (PPC), campaign.

Pay per Click Pages

Landing pages are not something you should shun or avoid because of the negative reputation they have been given by MLM, affiliate, and other marketers. They can actually be extremely effective in collaborating with your pay per click campaign if they are well-designed, carefully planned and deployed. But, they need to meet a few criteria if they are to be effective in converting information seekers into customers.


Although efficiency can be subjectively attributed to many variables, most people focus on its ability convert visitors into sales. In order to create a PPC campaign that brings visitors to your website and pages, it is only the first step. This will help drive traffic to your site and increase sales.

Success Tips

A landing page is not something to be taken lightly or left as an afterthought in a PPC campaign. To maximize the effectiveness of your PPC campaign, and to ensure that visitors arrive at your landing page when they click your banner, link, or ad on your website after clicking it, there are some things you should consider.

Express Lanes

Clicking on your PPC advertisement will bring interested visitors to your site. They are not coming to your site to look at other products or browse. The shorter the time it takes for a visitor to decide to buy and then to complete the sale, the better. Landing page express lanes – It’s a good idea to add functionality to your product page. However, if the visitor is able to click to purchase and checkout without having to go through unnecessary rhetoric, the higher the likelihood that they will become customers.


We don’t appreciate surprises in business. Sometimes, they can be frightening forecasters who scurry people away. They should be pertinent! Your page must be clear, concise, relevant, unique, and valuable to visitors about your product or service. Relevant pages don’t just repeat the same information in your PPC ads. They are prominent calls to action that are clear and uncluttered and can be quickly and easily scanned. Your homepage is the first impression people have of your site. Make it memorable, credible, and amazing!


These pages do not have to be created from the same template as the rest of the site. It is better to create pages that are not from your template. This will ensure that the page does not become too cluttered and busy with unnecessary information. Alternate pages can be used to perform better A/B testing and analytical research. Alternate pages that are not in your current template allow you to optimize your landing pages more easily.


It is important to optimize your landing pages for search engines after they have been optimized for message, aesthetics, and copy writing. Your landing page should have the same importance as your website homepage in terms of SEO. Alternate landing pages offer the advantage of being able to seperate from site templates or other code-heavy page designs. This allows you to focus on the landing page and code validation is easier.


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