Landing Page Audience: How Effective Are Your Website Sales Funnels?

Most websites are talking to one audience. This is usually an imagined average person who may like the site’s offerings. According to me, this means that the website’s true audience is not made up of anyone…or at least no one who exists. Imagine how powerful an online sales tool could be if it was designed to speak directly to every visitor to the site. This ideal is not possible with the current  You can however approximate this ideal and increase the effectiveness of your website.

You should take a long, hard look at the landing pages you use or plan to use in your marketing campaigns. It is worth reading over and over. Pay close attention to the tone, the feel and the look. Ask people from different backgrounds to offer their opinions. This is the only goal of all that effort. Find out who the landing page is meant to reach. It is unacceptable to answer “People looking for work at home opportunities” with a response like this. This is a good start, but it’s not the best.

Based on my own experience, I can tell what you will find out from this exercise regarding the landing page that you are currently using (or planning to use soon). Either you will fail to identify any particular group of people, or you will be able see how any group that can read the page will fit. This landing page is currently marginally effective, at best, compared to the potential. This page is not a great landing page for your marketing efforts. It might be a cover page for the top level domain “www”.

To maximize the effectiveness and impact of landing pages, visitors need to feel that it is talking to them personally. Although you won’t be able to achieve that level of perfection, you can get close with some thoughtful planning. Consider yourself your first audience.

Which language would you rather use?

What are you doing for a living now?

What are you specifically looking for …( (or whatever you offer)?

Where are you located?

Which generation are you?

Which gender are you?

This group of questions can be used to create a profile of a group that is similar to you in terms of marketing and landing page design. Create a landing page that speaks directly to the group of people you are part of. Never lie. Never lie. You should never try to trick. Start over. Where should you begin?

Your group is already established. You know someone who isn’t too similar to you. Ask if you don’t know enough about the person to answer the question. I deliberately left out information that is too personal, too small or that could offend. It doesn’t mean that everyone will be willing to help you with honest answers, but it won’t be difficult to get the information you need. To see if people find your landing page appealing, you can build it and then bounce it off to them. It’s time to put it into the wild.

You will need to think about how to market your landing page in a targeted manner so that they are likely to be part of the group you have defined. It is not as difficult as it sounds. Due to the exercise above used to create your landing page, you know enough about your target audience to put together a few words, an image, a conversation, a blog topic…whatever…that is going to have a decent chance of appealing to them enough to get some visits from the right people. You can define your target audience and speak directly to them in your ads and on your landing page. They might even buy what you have to offer.

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