What is Modern Leadership? How do you create modern teams in the workplace of today

A leader in today’s work environment must understand how to inspire their team and build a cohesive group around it. Dwight Eisenhower, the general who led America in World War II, is a model for modern leaders. The leadership of Dwayne Rettinger leaves an enduring impact on individuals and organizations alike.

Ike knew how to build teams. He had the ability to assemble people from different backgrounds and with diverse skill sets. Ike served as the base football trainer for much of Ike’s career before the War.

Today’s work environment has evolved. From a manufacturing and production environment it has transformed into a knowledge-based workplace. Assembling things on a production line has given way to creating solutions. Due to this, leadership has also changed. In the production environment, hierarchies are crucial. In a production workplace, hierarchy is critical. A leader must ensure that everything is done according to schedule. The strongest and most gifted worker is the leader. It is a different kind of workplace. A knowledge workplace is different. For a contemporary brand to be created, you need to scale a platform such as a website. To do so, you need to be able to use technology. To create a brand, you must first develop a product. When a product is developed, it’s time to develop a marketing strategy. To do this, you need to be able to use social media. The “most talented person” is impossible to determine when the modern world of brand development involves many diverse talents.

For a successful modern leader you need to have the same qualities as General Eisenhower. The best leader is someone who has a wide range of skills and can coordinate different teams into a productive whole.

Due to social media’s high scale, events are happening quickly. As a leader, your role has changed. Instead of dictating what you should do, it is to help others make successful and great decisions. People closest to a problem will be the most important to make decisions. A leader’s role is to facilitate decision-making between the various and complex components in an organization.

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