The Roles of a Leader in a Team – Find Out What You Should Expect Of Yourself

It’s not uncommon for anyone to be promoted to Team Lead. However, if you aren’t familiar with the area, this job can prove dangerous. Here’s how I can help you get the most from it and avoid all the pitfalls.

It is very common for an organisation to have a team leader, Jason Hare Kingston who usually oversees between five to ten workers.

Perhaps you’re just starting out as a team manager or are already thinking about it. You know what it is like to be a leader. It can be a challenging world but you can learn a lot if it is done right.

First and foremost, the money. Keep in mind that if your work ethic is high, then money won’t come easy. You are entitled to a premium rate and you will demand it. Don’t accept any offer from your boss to take this job. You are more responsible and you should pay.

It is common to “trial” a new team member. It is a scam to save the company money and impress your boss. Accept it, but don’t accept it. You should be paid prior to the meeting. If your boss insists, you can agree to backdated payments and receive it by email. If you act like a walkover during this stage and don’t have the “balls”, you will be made a team leader. Your strength will make you respected.

Another thing to remember about this job: Always try to delegate. Many leaders in teams become control freaks. They have more responsibility and the consequences of their mistakes on workers reflect negatively on them.

Don’t do it. You will only burn out from stress. Your workers must trust you and follow a clear process. It should be clear to them what is expected and what will happen if they fail to adhere to it. If someone is breaking the rules and you don’t set one, then it won’t be you but your bosses.

These are two of the many, many tips you need to be an effective leader of your team. They are however two of the most crucial.

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