MMA Is Not Human Cockfighting

In the past, Mixed Martial Arts competitions (MMA) were open to all. The only rules were that you could not hit the groin or make the eyes gouge. This was a good way to show which style of martial art is the most difficult, but it prevented it from being shown on television. People began to see it as a form of human cockfighting, rather than a sport.

You will see the fighting as a sport, and it can be a beautiful form of martial arts if done correctly. Fighters who are involved in fighting train continuously to improve their skills. They aren’t bar brawlers, or people who want to get into street fights (although this has been known).

Many people believe they can fight because of their toughness or because they have been in a lot many bar fights. They would be hurt quickly in a MMA match, as MMA is not a street fighting event. Street fights usually end in 30 seconds. Championship fights in UFC can last up to 25 minutes. Non-championship fights are limited to 15 minutes. This is not something you can do by just walking down the street. To maintain that endurance, you will need to train.

Because it follows rules, it is not considered a street fight. People will try to hurt you in a street fight. They may use chairs or anything else they can to do so. In self defense classes, you learn that you should do the most damage to the least amount of people in the fastest time possible when you’re in a streetfight. This is so that you can get out alive.

People don’t realize that fighters train every day. It is their job. Their ability to fight is what makes them so lively. They don’t want their job to be lost if they fight in bars or streets. They have nothing to prove to anyone. They are aware that their bodies can cause injury to others so they keep it inside the cage. MMA is not human cockfighting.

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