Introduction to Social Media for Direct Sales, Network Marketing, and MLM

There are three types of people in every direct sales, NETWORK marketing or MLM business:

* A professional, serial or career-direct salesperson who is able to quickly learn and join any company that interests him or her. This is the “PRO”!

* An ESTABLISHED DISTRIBUTOR is someone who understands his business and has established a downline.

* The NOVICE is just getting started.

These people all share one thing in common: the chance to increase their sales, profits, and income through social media.

Whichever YOUR type, social networking using social media -or “new media”- applied properly can greatly benefit your direct sales/network marketing/multi-level marketing (“MLM”) business.

Social media can dramatically change your trajectory to success in EACH case.

A “message about social media” for each type of person in direct sales/network marketing/MLM

FOR Direct Sales/Network Marketing and MLM PROFESSIONALS

“If you are a serial, gifted salesperson who excels in any organization, you already have the special ability to lead. You are familiar with the structure of direct sales/network market/MLM to be able to excel in any situation.

Add social media to your income arsenal, and you can see an exponential increase in your earnings.”


“Once your direct marketing business has grown, you will have a large downline and you have had any success, you can benefit from knowing your business.”

“Incorporating social media in your existing operation can bring you additional benefits that can take what you have already built to the next level.”

FOR Direct Sales/Network Marketing and MLM “NEWBIES”, and NOVICES

You must first learn about your business and how it can grow when you are new to network marketing. Friends, family, and acquaintances are often able to solicit sales and to announce your new opportunity, and to invite them to join your business.

To support your business, you will need to attend ongoing trainings and presentations.

Social media can improve everything about your business, from launch to legacy!

Make Your Direct Sales/Network Marketing/MLM Businesses Stand Out With New Media


~ You can…

* Create a powerful, influential brand presence

* Share the success stories of your group.

* Generate leads, build and expand your database while you sleep.

* Find new prospects wherever you are!

* Increase your downline nationally (or worldwide, as applicable) without having to travel.

* Automatically group communication

* Provide customized trainings.

* Make virtual presentations live or recorded!

* Instantly invite people to your events and your circle of friends, regardless of whether you have printed flyers, mailers, or postage.

* Facilitate referrals, endorsements, and introductions from third parties!

* Track and analyze the behavior of users and their campaign progress.


Although new media may improve your operations, reach, influence, sales, and most other aspects of your business, it is important to understand that success can only be achieved by using it over time. The gains are gradual. To get the best results from social tools, strategies and resources, you must use them consistently over the long-term.

You might be wondering what the “long haul” is. It’s the plant today and harvest tomorrow, but it can also be long-term.

These are the 12 steps you need to take:

Identify your business and personal goals. Define your mission.
Establish your online profile. Both personal and business.
Create foundational content.
Establish your primary online destination.
Establish your primary “lead capture” destination.
Establish social media accounts; plug in your profile; distribute your content.
As necessary, maintain, update, and add to social networks.
Continue to create new content and keep sharing it through your social networks.
As an active participant, engage with your audience; participate in the “conversation”.
Answer your inquiries and leads.
Each member of your team (and any new members) should be taught how to perform #1 through 12.
Continue to repeat #7-12


Social networking is all about creating “personal” connections and relationships. It is therefore time-consuming. It begs the obvious question: How does a busy business person find the time to manage social networking?


1. Understand that social networking is an essential part of your business. Failure to engage can put your business’ credibility in jeopardy.

* Also, remember that, just like any other business task, you can assign some of your responsibilities to others. Even the “personal” ones.

* Finally, you should know that social media and new media for business is a highly specialized skill that, when practiced well, combines marketing expertise with copywriting skills, plus real-world experience in the social networks. Although everyone can do it in theory, the reality is that not everyone does it.


1. Learn social media best practices for your company to make it easy.

2. Learn social media for your company so that you can contribute to the creation of campaigns and assign tasks to others.

3. Find new media experts to help you learn what you need.

4. To manage the social aspect of your business, you can hire new media experts.

5. You can hire new media experts to manage your social media and teach you the basics.


You now have a good idea of what social media or “new media can do for direct sales/network marketing and MLM businesses.

You now know what to do and your options for setting up social media for your company.

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