Five Top Tips to Win More in Malaysia Sports Betting

Are you fed up with losing your money to the betting houses? These five tips will help you beat the bookmaker.

1. Get a Free Bet

Many bookmakers are competing for your business, and many of them will offer a free bet. Depending on the bookie, this free bet will usually be between PS20 and PS100 (or equivalent in your currency). You can make Malaysia Sports Betting more profitable by taking advantage of these free bets. Consider the free bet as a subsidy for your betting, provided it is not against you!

Although there are sometimes conditions attached to the free wager, they are much easier to fulfill than the requirements for the casino or poker sites. There are rarely any wagering requirements other than for the first qualifying bet. The free bet will be credited once the initial qualifying bet has been placed. The minimum odds that your bet must have to be placed in order to qualify for the free bet are something you should be aware of. Some bookies will insist that you bet at odds of 2.0 in order to qualify. Others might insist that the odds be at least 1. Before you attempt to claim a free wager, make sure that you read the terms and conditions.

2. Use Odds Comparison software

Who wouldn’t want to win the most from a wager? Although most people would like to bet on the best odds, they don’t always compare the betting odds before placing a bet. The difference in odds can be significant due to the large number of bookies available. You could miss out on a lot of money if you choose one without looking at the market. To quickly compare odds, you can use odds comparison software. This will instantly show you the best return and allow for instant comparisons. It’s so simple and quick that many people don’t do it.

3. You can bet on what you know

You should only place bets on sports that you are familiar with if you’re serious about Malaysia Sports Betting. You don’t need to know much about basketball if you are familiar with cricket.

4. Use Odds Matching software

Odds Matcher is a new piece software that manipulates bookmakers to give you hundreds of pounds worth of free bets. It works by showing you which bets can be placed with an exchange, and then returning with a bookie if there is no risk. You will get a free bet for each bookmaker that you do this with. There is absolutely no risk of losing a penny.

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