A Winning Mindset Vital Both Within And Outside Of Trading

Matt Choi started a successful Toronto auto dealership twenty years ago. He was a fledgling entrepreneur and had just completed an MBA at McMaster University. He bought the failing company–it would have been an understatement for it to say that it was not doing well at the time- and turned it around.

Matt Choi describes himself as a process-oriented person. He recalls spending a lot of time learning each department and selling cars without customers knowing he was the seller.

Choi said, “I wanted the people to know that if they followed the process, it would work.” He also opened Certus Trading Reviews options. He sold the dealership at a seven figure profit to be able to focus on full-time trading.

This was a valuable move.

After selling his business, he established Certus Trading as a trading education platform. He teaches his trading strategies to his students and teaches them winning mindsets.

What is the point of trading?

Choi: “My grandfather was an excellent trader of stocks in Hong Kong.” “When I was in grades 5 and 6, school was closed at noon. To settle my grandfather’s trades, I would accompany him to Hong Kong stock exchange after lunch. I was a minor at the time and couldn’t get inside. So I waited outside the exchange to watch those numbers-colored monitors.

Matt Choi said that his grandfather taught Matt the art of stock picking during long bus rides from home to the exchange. He also taught me to seek out services that people require and to only buy the leading companies in the sector. I gained a lot of knowledge from him early in my life, and that market awareness has remained with us ever since.”

Choi is a Chartered Market Technie (CMT) who has extensive trading experience. Choi was able to swap a potentially lucrative career putting people behind a steering wheel for a far more rewarding one that puts them in control of their own destiny.

Matt Choi of Certus Trading explains that many people dream of working for what they love, and earning a decent living. “It isn’t always easy to make this transition. But it’s very satisfying once you’ve overcome the initial hurdles.”

He added that his own journey had more than a few speed bumps in the beginning.

“For me, it initially involved more than four years of frustrating–and expensive–experimentation before I hit the right combination of trading philosophy, approach and mindset to succeed at being a trader.”

Choi states that it is beneficial to meet people who have been doing the same job as you. They can provide valuable guidance and advice. George Fontanills, one the most successful North American options trader, mentored him early in his career.


Today, Matt Choi of Certus Trading is returning the favor and helping traders find their way to success.

Choi is the founder of Certus Trade and offers many courses that both focus on strategic and technical aspects. It’s not just textbook theory. Choi also stresses to traders the importance and necessity of developing a winning style and mindset.

Matt Choi said that “the reality” is that “while it is important to have the ability to recognize when to buy, sell and hold, it is not as important as having the mentality of a successful trader.”

The Winning Mindset

This theory is detailed in his book The Winning Way which he co-authored along with Brian Tracy. “Over the years, I have realized that while understanding the markets is essential, the mindset of a trader is just as important. A winning mindset helps you execute your trading strategies with confidence and without hesitation.

Choi said that he was able to develop his own mindset awareness when he switched careers. He recalls, “I realized that day trading wasn’t suitable for me and that I didn’t have the patience for trading in positions.” Matt Choi, however, discovered through Fontanills that swing trading was a natural fit for him.

Matt Choi has assisted many of his students in trading to achieve success. Certus Trading offers support in this area.

He advises that you first decide your trading times. If you are a day trader, your trading activity will include taking advantage micro-movements in markets. Day trading is an excellent option for someone who loves to move quickly and doesn’t have much patience.

You can also choose to swing trade, which tracks the momentum and intermediate trend of the markets but doesn’t require that you be actively trading every day.

However, if you don’t want to quit your job and pursue a career as a trader, you might be interested in position trading. Position trading allows you to keep the trade open for a few months up to several years.

Choi says the key to success is being realistic with yourself. Choi recommends choosing a style of trading that suits both your lifestyle and personality.


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