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15 Tips and Tricks for Getting More likes on Youtube

This list contains tips and tricks that will help you drive more youtube likes to your videos on YouTube. These great tips will help you see the results you want when you upload your next video.

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1- Include rich metadata (tags, descriptions, titles, etc.) related to your video. YouTube isn’t stupid if you use popular tags.

2- Make sure to update your channel as often as you can. You can increase the chances that people will view your videos and subscribe to your channel.

3- Plan your stuff, do research on related videos, sort them according to views, study them, and get better ideas.

You can watermark videos with your logo and website URL. This is possible with all video editing software.

5- Include the URL of your website or blog in the description area of your videos. Also, include a call-to-action such as “subscribe!” Or “visit for more amazing videos”

6- Don’t do sub4sub. Sub4sub is not going to drive traffic to your videos, and it will make you look “cheap”.

7- Consider becoming a YouTube partner. YouTube will share the revenue if you own the content and music. But, the best part is that you can customize your YouTube channel with cool graphics and headers.

8- Make controversial and compelling content. Your video won’t go viral if it isn’t compelling.

9- Use the keyword “video” as a title and tag. This is because many viewers will search for it on Google. If you are creating a tutorial video, include “how to”, guide and “tutorial”; if your video is a review, then add “review”, comparison and “vs”.

10- Keep your videos short. Videos that are too long can become tedious after five minutes. You can make your videos short like 5 seconds. If they are good, people will view them at least once or twice more to see if there is anything missing.

11- Use compelling thumbnails. More than 70% of views are from related videos, so make sure your thumbnails grab viewers’ attention.

12- Allow others to rate, comment on and embed your videos onto their blogs and sites. (Allowed by default

13- Display a call to actions message such as “subscribe to me videos” or redirect your viewers to another one using annotations

14- Upload only videos that are worth watching.

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