Thailand Martial Arts and Outdoor Adventure Tourism – Long-Term Travel to Thailand on a Fixed Budget

1. Amazing Adventures in Thailand

I made the decision to move my entire life, including my lifestyle, to Thailand a few years back. The decision was made based on the number of advantages compared to our California program. First, I enjoy change and want to offer students more. I’ve run programs in Europe and the United States, as well as now in Asia.

Is this to say that California or the United States has nothing to offer? It does not mean that there are no other options. I can talk about many pros for Adventurers who can afford a long-term trip to Europe or the U.S.

Thailand offers a lot of opportunities for adventurers and students. Particularly those who are enrolled in our long-term Martial Arts Training Camps.

A Thai commercial called “Amazing Thailand” is very popular. This commercial highlights all the adventure and fun available in a small area.

Bangkok is a great place to shop in a 7-story mall, buy Ferraris in one of its stores, visit historical temples (feel like royalty in the Grand Palace) or just have a few drinks while looking out over the city. Bangkok is a well-known pit-stop that students can use to adjust to Thailand before they head out to explore the rest of Thailand.

The best thing about Thailand for me was the variety of outdoor activities. Students have been to the mountains of Pai, near Chiang Mai, and the warm waters of the Andaman Sea. We have climbed the highest rock climbing in the world on Krabi province’s beautiful islands, Koh Samui. There are many adventures in Thailand, even if you’re not practicing martial arts.

You can enjoy a coconut fresh from the beach or snorkeling and diving at a great price. You want to see the bridge that crosses the river Kwai, or the Erawan Waterfall at Kanchanaburi. It’s possible. You could take a trip to Hua Hin, where the King lives, and enjoy the long ocean strip. Adventure is plentiful and easy to access.

Although it may sound absurd, many of my students found renting a moped to cruise around the islands on was one of their favorite experiences. It can be very thrilling to take a long-tail boat from one island or another, even simple adventures. Adventure often refers to new experiences, and Thailand has many to offer.

Thailand has the best of Southeast Asia. However, Thailand also offers many other benefits. You can hop, skip, and jump to experience new adventures in Vietnam or Laos. This can be extended to China, Singapore, Hong Kong, or further to places such as Taiwan and Japan. Thailand makes other Asian countries feel more close to you, and it is easier for you to explore.

The amazing things Thailand has to offer are obvious. The real benefit of Thailand comes when we are practical. This is determined by the amount of money that a trip will cost.

2. One of the main reasons students love Thailand is its financial situation.

Money is an important tool, just like any other functional service. My programs are often attended by students who stay for extended periods of time. Students prefer to have a training program that lasts for between 1-12 months, rather than weekly classes or weekend seminars, which can often be much more expensive.

A long-term program in Thailand has another benefit: students pay less than they would in the States for personal expenses. These are just a few of the many discounts available.

3. Thailand: Cheaper Food

A decent, healthy meal can be purchased in Thailand for around $2.00. This is if you go to a restaurant. A bowl of noodles can be bought for 50 cents on the street. California is lucky to find a $5.00 meal (though Subway offers $5.00 footlong sandwiches), and 50 cents can buy you a candy bar. In the States, I tip $5.00 minimum in restaurants. It would be absurd to tip as high in Thailand, 20 Thai Baht being the highest and a tip of less than $1.00

4. Thailand is a great place to have entertainment.

A movie ticket to Thailand costs $5.00. A movie ticket in California can run you close to $10.00. A Thai movie theater is known for being superior to other venues. You can also choose to be seated on a mini-reclining couch and pay less depending on the location you choose. If you can’t choose your seat in advance, you will be required to arrive early and watch previews and commercials.

These savings can be applied to nearly every entertainment sector, so whether you are looking to rent a bike, ride an elephant or go to a club, they are much cheaper than the prices.

5. Shopping in Thailand

Even though students and adventurers may not be interested in shopping, it is still possible for them to do so and save money. Thailand is known for its great deals on purchases and the presence of shopping streets throughout the country. Designer jeans can be purchased for $20 instead of $200, or you can invest in art and clothing. I was able to purchase Christmas gifts for my family in Thailand for the same amount as I would have spent on the gifts (based on my usual spending habits in California). I am also able to purchase unique items and not another gadget that clutters their closets. Many people turn their short-term stay in Thailand into an income stream and purchase items from Thailand to sell in America.

6. Thailand: Travel

For $60, you can travel from the mountains in Pai (northern Chiang Mai) to the islands Koh Phi Phi. This is where they filmed the movie The Beach. You would pay hundreds of dollars in the States for this trip. In Pai, $30 was the cost of a flight to get there. It takes approximately 2 hours to get down the mountain by bus. The cost of the trip is $5. These savings can be applied to all types of travel in Thailand. Taxis are available for $10 per hour. You can also hop on a tuk-tuk for $5.00 to take scenic routes. For $50, students can rent mopeds in Pai and $150 in Samui Thailand for a month. It’s easy to hop on a quick flight to Cambodia to visit the Angkor Wat, a world-famous temple. You can also take a train to Malaysia. It costs me less to fly from Bangkok to Singapore than to fly from one city to another in California.

7. Thailand: Accommodation and housing

The best thing about Thailand? You can choose from a variety of stays to suit your budget. California’s average hotel costs $100 per night. A month in a basic hotel will cost you about $3,000, or more. These prices include no internet, food, and other benefits. For $1,000, you can book a 1-month stay at a hotel in Bangkok. This includes internet, a delicious breakfast buffet, a gym, lounge access, and maid service daily. These locations are also available with small kitchen areas – similar to Extended Stay of America but half the price. Although $1,000 per month is not cheap, this is for an expensive location. A small house can be rented for $200 per month in many places. I’ve stayed on a tropical island for $2,000 per month and on another island for $300 per month. Both were fantastic and you don’t have to live in an alleyway to enjoy a great deal.

This is crucial for a long-term student in the martial arts. Students often have limited funds and need to save money for the long-term. California students often run out of money within weeks. This includes going out to eat, watching movies, buying popcorn at ridiculously high prices, and spending time with friends. They can stretch the same amount of money to Thailand and get more entertainment, as well as enjoy the wonders of a tropical island.

8. Medical care

While flying to Thailand, I was struck by the sight of the couple sitting next to me. The couple was not together, but they were seated beside each other. One asked the other why they were traveling to Thailand. I was initially surprised by his response. His response was unexpected. He explained that he was traveling to Thailand to visit a dentist because it was too expensive in the States.

Although I have never been to Thailand, I can recall a student who had a cavity filled for 500 baht at a convenient location near a main Soi. It was also in Chiang Mai that I visited. After visiting three different doctors, it cost me only 1000 Thai baht (about $35 U.S.). Dollars). To fly to Thailand, the person must have had major dental work.

Thailand is known for its high-quality medical care at a reasonable price. I find myself often saying to myself, “I will wait until I return to Thailand to have that checked out.” People have a negative view of Thailand’s health care system. You don’t need to have a prescription if you are looking for medicine to combat a major illness. And you don’t need to have five screenings before you can visit an expert. The facilities I visited in Chiang Mai and Bangkok and even on the island of Koh Samui were all top-notch with modern equipment. They also had English-speaking doctors. I’d bet that I received better and more attentive care in Thailand than I did in the States.

It is essential that I know the most up-to-date medical options in case of an accident while traveling as a martial artist or adventurer.

9. Culture in new places

Yoghurt had more culture than California, according to a friend. and other websites are supporting people outside of our borders. People want more than freedom to speak. California is a beautiful place and I am proud to be American. I won’t have any negative comments. I have been running adventure programs for over 20 years, and teaching students for almost the same time, so I know where my students can get more value for their money.

Travel and adventure are all about meeting new people and learning new language. A trip to Thailand offers a new approach, which can lead to a hard-to-measure benefit. Travelling to the United States from the United States will offer little variety if you already live there. If you don’t have the opportunity to learn new languages, adapt to new places and meet new people, it is difficult to grow.

10. Friends in Asia

You can make friends anywhere, but it is more fun to travel in a country with people of similar interests. You will find people who are willing to put in the effort and enjoy the company of others when you travel abroad. You are more likely to meet people like you in California than you would be anywhere else. This can make it boring. On my first trip to Thailand, I made friends with people from Australia, England, Norway and Holland.

11. Time to have fun in Thailand

My long-term plan was created to provide a lifestyle that is different from modern society. For example, if you visit a typical American city, you’ll find people who are following a specific path. They may be working, attending school, or busy with their families or businesses.

However, long-term students can still get together to go on road trips almost anytime to explore new locations, climb rock walls or just to have fun. Thailand offers the same opportunity to meet new people and have fun with them. Because Thailand and other places like Bangkok are an adventure hub, this is possible.

You are more likely to find yourself in a city with tight schedules and a strict work week than you would be in a normal American city. For students and adventurers, the weekend is anytime they want it to in Thailand.

12. Moving to Thailand

My long-term martial art program in California was run by me for over 5 years. My students have never moved to California, unless they were training at our camp. With only a few years living in Thailand, I have already had three students who have tried or are currently trying to set up a life in Thailand. Why is it that their American dollars will go further? Are they excited about the additional freedoms in a new country? Are they able to escape the almost forced social strategies that are pushed in the U.S. These are all possible reasons why so many foreigners try to establish a life in Thailand. Even if you are just looking for a change in pace or a break from the usual norm, it might be worth it. In a year or so, many might return home feeling refreshed and ready for their new home.

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